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Self-Care (Part 2): What to do – Ideas a

Self-Care (Part 2): What to do – Ideas and Suggestions

By Anthony Naguiat, LMHC Part 1 of this two-part blog series on self-care identified some basic ideas of what self-care is, and the importance of taking care of ourselves. Being in a healthy place physically, mentally, and emotionally in our own lives helps us to do things to the best of our abilities and avoid […]

Self-Care (Part 1): What is it?

Self-Care (Part 1): What is it?

By Anthony Naguiat, LMHC Greetings everyone. Every year, as we near the end of the holiday season and prepare to start a new year, we often make “resolutions” that we would like to start, or do more of, the following year. Sometimes these resolutions become quickly forgotten, or fall by the wayside when life becomes […]