Coming Soon! I’m planning to start offering Virtual EMDR intensives sometime this year and will update this page as details become finalized. Details such as Pricing, Scheduling, Pre-screening, and additional criteria of a good fit for Intensives will be posted when ready.

What are EMDR Intensives?

Think of Intensives as a pathway to Supercharged Healing due to the concentrated nature of the EMDR work being done, often over the course of hours or days versus weekly 1-hour sessions over the course of several months.

Intensives can be done in multiple formats such as:

  • Extended 90-120 minute EMDR Sessions
  • Multiple 60 minute or Extended EMDR Sessions within a week
  • Half-Day (3-4 hours) or Full Day (5-6 hours) of Continuous EMDR Work to address single incidents.
  • Multiple Days (Half or Full) of Continuous EMDR Work to address larger themes.

How and Why might Virtual Intensives be a good fit?

  • Comfort: By doing a virtual intensive, you’re able to complete this extensive work in the comfort of your own home or other private space without traveling or commuting. (You must physically be in a location in the states of North Carolina or Florida to participate in a Virtual Intensive due to licensure requirements).
  • Accelerated Healing & Focus: Instead of trying to schedule a weekly or biweekly session and then returning to the responsibilities of work, school, or daily life right after, you can schedule a block of time dedicated solely to your healing with less distraction. Being able to focus on your targets in this format can help resolve them more quickly.
  • Busy Schedules: Life gets busy fast, I totally get it! Intensives can be great for those who don’t have the time for the weekly EMDR sessions, or who often travel and need to do larger blocks of work at a time.
  • Adjunct Work: If you already have a great connection with your current talk therapist (Recommended, as these intensives are meant to be short-term and not for ongoing weekly 1:1 or EMDR therapy with me) but want to work through certain issues with EMDR, these intensives may be a great option so you can continue working with them afterward.
  • Support: Intensives are a great option for those who may have natural supports available to them while doing this meaningful, and sometimes heavy, work.

When might Virtual intensives NOT be good fit?

  • If you’re looking for ongoing weekly therapy. Due to current scheduling and availability, I’m only able to schedule short-term services for the intensive that include the Pre-screening intake/interview, the intensive service itself, and the post-intensive follow-up. It is recommended that you have an individual therapist to continue with after the intensive is completed.
  • If you need to utilize insurance. I hear you, utilizing insurance for services is so important for many to access therapy. However, due to the extended nature of Intensives, insurance does not cover or reimburse for EMDR Intensives, which means no superbill can be provided as well.
  • If you’re currently experiencing a mental health crisis, current suicidal ideation/plan/intent, or other active crisis/stability situation in your daily life.
  • If you are actively using substances or drugs that may need a higher level of care, or that may impede reprocessing.