Seeing a therapist does not mean that something is wrong with you, or that you must be going through a crisis or an emergency. Going to therapy can be about strengthening skills so that when a situation occurs, you are better equipped to handle it.

Individuals participating in therapy may experience many benefits, such as: improved mental and emotional health, more positive relationships, increased self-esteem, improved communication, more effective stress management skills, and better problem-solving skills, etc.

It is quite possible that some clients may only need a few sessions to see improvements.  However, since each person and life situation is different, positive change may occur at a different pace for each client.

Choosing a therapist to best meet your needs is an important decision.  Listed below are the services that I offer, as well as some of the areas that I specialize in.  Please contact me to schedule a free, brief phone consultation to discuss your counseling needs and set up your first visit.

Services Provided:


  • *Adults (18 and up)
  • *Trauma/PTSD
  • *Anxiety/Panic or Extreme Worry
  • *LGBTQIA+ Community and Family members/Allies seeking to be stronger supports for their LGBTQIA+ Loved ones
  • *Depression/Sadness
  • *Substance Use / Abuse concerns
  • I am also highly experienced in working with:
  • *Grief/Loss
  • *Self-harm/Cutting
  • *Chronic Stress
  • *Relationship Concerns
  • *College Concerns (Transition into college or grad school)
  • *Self-Esteem and Personal Growth

Qualified Supervisor for FL LMHC Licensure:

  • *Licensure Supervision for FL Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns (currently full/not taking new interns)

To find out more, call me at (561) 289-2810, or click below to set up a consultation call.

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